Friends, family, and new listeners,

I am pleased to announce that my debut album is now available at  The music is currently only available for download, though CDs will be for sale at my upcoming shows in Philadelphia and New York, and soon will be available via mail order.


This spring the cards fell in such a way that I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream: I recorded my first album of original music.  My friend Peter Borenstein traveled from NYC to visit me in Portland, OR and we spent the week laying down the tracks that make up this work.

These songs are dear to me.  They evoke memories of some of the best times of my life.  Lessons I’ve learned, loved ones, pain, heartache, joy and wonder.  I hope you (and many, many others) can find one or two songs here that you connect with, but in the end I am just proud to have seen this project through.

Please help me keep my dreams alive by making a financial contribution when you download this album.  Pay as you wish… but know that your contribution will help determine whether I can continue to devote my time to music, and whether this is the first of many works.

Thanks for peaking into my world,

Let me know what you think!


heading back to portland…

I had a fantastic, exhausting time in new york.  The show at Pete’s Candy Store was a big success thanks to massive support of friends and family.  I am making a brief stop in California before heading home to Portland for the time being.

Pictures coming soon…  Cheers.

past shows

I just added a little category here to document shows that have been and gone.  This is mainly for my own record keepings… don’t mind me :)

This spring and summer I’ve had the privilege to perform at:

Concordia Coffee (Portland, OR) – numerous dates

Boulder Coffee Co. (Rochester, NY)

Pete’s Candy Store (Brooklyn, NY)

Website Launch!

I’m proud to announce this classy new website, courtesy of a fine gentleman over at Magnetic State in Brooklyn.  A huge thanks to Dan for helping me with this project, bearing with my requests, and for catering to my minimalist design sensibilities.

Hopefully you’ve already made it to the music page.  That’s what this is all about!  Album release coming June, 1!   Enjoy.